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Girls Rock St. Pete is a little revolution with teeth where girls take up space, love themselves and ROCK OUT.

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About Us

What is girls rock st. pete?

Our mission is to empower women, girls, and gender-expansive folx through fearless expression, artistic experimentation and collaboration to build confidence and leadership skills to transform ourselves and our communities.
why we do it

We believe

  • Creative voices of all girls and women must be amplified to create social change.
  • Girls deserve positive role models and support for their creative endeavors.
  • Making mistakes in a supportive environment develops resiliency and builds confidence.
  • Why It Matters

    The gender Confidence gap affects us all

    Though boys and girls begin school with similar confidence levels, by middle school harmful gender norms can deteriorate a girls’ self-worth. On average, a girl’s confidence level drops 40% by the age of 14, creating a gender gap that often remains through adulthood, negatively impacting a woman’s personal and professional success as well as their mental health.

    Our local girls are at risk
    Exposure to traumatic childhood experiences compounds the risk for our local girls. 20% of Pinellas high school students were exposed to four or more traumatic life events and 25% of local teens have seriously considered suicide.
    Girls Rock St. Pete builds confidence that lasts
    Our curriculum provides risk-taking opportunities in a supportive space. Girls begin to see each other as allies, not competition, in reaching their collective goals. As they move outside their comfort zones, take risks and see payoffs, girls gain courage, resilience and confidence.

    meet the team that rocks

    Jesse Miller

    Executive Director


    Board President

    rachael sibilia

    Founder | Past Board President | Board Treasurer

    robin roup

    Board Secretary

    Tiffany Freisberg

    Board Member | Marketing Lead


    Board Member | Volunteer Lead

    “Girls Rock St. Pete empowers girls to take up space, use their voices and to see each other as allies instead of competition."

    - Executive Director, Jesse Miller

    answers to our

    frequently asked questions

    Girls Rock St. Pete uses music to break down stereotypes and build a supportive and encouraging environment to create positive social change in our community. We provide a place where youth and volunteers alike can take creative risks, express themselves and explore their identities with people who will hold space for them in a positive way.
    We announce Power Week dates in early spring. Applications will open for a month. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.
    We welcome girls, transgender youth and gender-nonconforming/ non-binary youth, and women and gender-expansive folx. If you’re unsure if that umbrella covers you or your child, just ask! We will meet you with kindness and respect. Additionally, we trust you to identify yourself/your child and do NOT require any “proof” of your gender. Power Week is open to all girls and gender-expansive youth ages 8-17. Our programming is explicitly feminist and anti-racist, with a focus on uplifting Black and brown young folks and people of non-dominant genders.
    Girls and gender-expansive youth face unique challenges and oppressions in their lives due to their gender identities. We want to create a safe space for them to build confidence and leadership skills within a community that supports, uplifts and cares for people of all marginalized gender identities. Girls Rock St. Pete offers an environment that encourages participants to form strong bonds with their peers, take creative risks and explore what it is that makes them uniquely them.
    Not at all! Music is for everyone, and we welcome folks of all skill levels.
    Nope! While some roles like instrument instructor and band coach require some musical background, plenty of volunteer roles are open for event planners, crafty folks, counselors, nurses, graphic designers, illustrators, workshop facilitators and much more!
    Yes! There are plenty of support opportunities. We run on volunteer power and positivity, so if you want to volunteer [LINK TO VOLUNTEER PAGE] please apply and we will find the perfect fit for you that works with your schedule.
    Yes, sir, you can! It’s important for girls to see their dads, brothers, friends and other men in the community playing a supportive role as they take to the stage. Our Dude Crew is made up of the best in men and are essential in helping with load-in, instrument prep, fundraising, our street team and many other behind the scenes work involved in making rock camp magic. Apply here!
    Yes! Girls Rock St. Pete is part of a global alliance of camps who share resources and best-practices. Though we are individual non-profits serving our own communities, we have sister cities in countries all over from Togo to Norway. Visit the Girls Rock Alliance to find out more.

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