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“Girls Rock” isn’t just a saying but a community-building force for good, rooted in music, mentorship and love. Volunteers make it all possible!

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why volunteer


help make rock camp magic

It’s a blast! Meet people who are tipping the needle for gender equity and having a blast while they are changing the world.
Girls Rock St. Pete relies on volunteers to make rock camp magic. The more volunteers invested, the more impact we can make. Help us ensure St. Pete is a safe place where girls and gender-expansive folx can thrive.
Being part of this movement means small actions have a huge impact. Whether Vibe Tribe, Support Team or Dude Crew, our volunteers are building a community of advocates who can stand up to injustice and mentor a new generation of kids who deserve to be seen and heard.

vibe tribe

Our Power Week volunteer crew is organized, trained and ready to create a magical, supported experience for our campers. This crew does everything from instrument instruction, running camper activities, providing mental health counseling, to taking out the recycling. Some volunteers take a full week of vacation to be at camp as much as possible, others fly in from out-of-state. Why? Because this is the camp many of us needed as kids. We are a chosen family that encourages positivity and growth.

Vibe Tribe Requirements:
  • Women and non-binary adults (18+)
  • Minimum of two full days during camp week* * Certain roles require greater time commitments (band coaches, instrument instructors, mental health counselors, etc.)
  • Concert Day support
  • Vibe Tribe Training and a background check
  • come and join the


    If you can’t commit to Power Week week itself, don’t worry—we still need you! Whether you are hyping the GRSP revolution from behind our booth, creating high-vibing content or chatting folks up to raise funds, the folks who help us keep the momentum going all year long make Power Week possible. And if your time is short supply and you have the means to donate, we accept! Every dollar counts.

    Dude crew

    Our Dude Crew represents the BEST of men. Brothers, dads, uncles, grandpas, male friends and mentors are here to play a supportive role in amplifying the voices of girls, women and non-binary folks in our community. Whether the Dude Crew is loading in gear, putting up flyers around town or decorating the concert space, it’s important for girls to see them playing a supporting role in their success. We honor the role boys and men play in advancing gender equity and recognize how they show up for Girls Rock St. Pete year round. Join our Dude Crew today!