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july 2024

Power Week

Guitars, shredded. Faces, melted. Friends, forever.

Each summer campers ages 8-17 gather to learn rock instruments, form bands and write original songs. After just one week, bands perform their new songs live on stage to over 1,000 fans at Jannus Live.
We’re not just a music camp. Our volunteers teach everything from social justice to self-care, body positivity to HERstory, leadership to resilience. This high-voltage, life-changing program cultivates radical self-love, empowers creative expression and builds a strong sense of community.

As part of our leadership pipeline, older campers (Vinyls) can participate as “Punk Rock Prefects” through a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum that prepares them to become mentors of newer, younger campers (Cassettes). 


  • Camp Dates: July 15 – 19 (Mon – Friday, full days 8:30a – 5:30p)
  • Concert at Jannus Live – Saturday, July 20th from 2p-9p


Campers will be notified of acceptance or waitlist by May 5th.

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Group 1865
Group 1886
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Group 1866

Youth Open Mic

We believe that youth are inherently powerful and their voices should be amplified! Girls Rock St. Pete hosts a bi-monthly Youth Open Mic to cultivate a space for young people to share their talents, workshop new material and take their turn at the mic.
All youth under 18 (and any accompanying adults) are invited to share music, poetry, comedy, storytelling, or any form of self-expression. We provide a safe and amplified platform to shine with the support of their community. The event is free and open to the public.

Ladies Rock Camp

Girls Rock St. Pete is the camp we all needed when we were kids. GRSP is proud to launch Ladies Rock Camp to inform you: it’s never too late.
Enjoy the thrill of the Power Week model in a lightning weekend course where women and gender-expansive folx learn an instrument, form a band and write an original song together in a fun and supportive environment. Our instructors have a wealth of experience in performing, songwriting, recording, touring, and more. We can work with individuals at any level of musical experience, including total beginners.

We held our first Ladies Rock Camp in February 2024. Stay tuned on our social media for future Ladies Rock opportunities!

other programs


Mentorship is at the heart of Girls Rock St. Pete. This 6-week intergeneration course allows younger and adult learners to continue their musical education in a supported environment. Current campers ages 14 and up will be immersed in bands with older intermediate players. Bands and performances will be ongoing. Legends are supported with practice space, our instrument lending library, professional coaching and local gigs.


Anarkitty is Girls Rock St. Pete’s showcase band featuring a rotating lineup of campers and graduates of Power Week collaborating year-round. GRSP supports the band with practice space, our instrument lending library and professional coaching as they play gigs around the Tampa Bay area spreading the mission of Girls Rock St. Pete.