Girls Rock Camp St. Pete started in December of 2015.  By summer 2016, we had held our first camp of 20 volunteers, 4 bands (and side project), and packed out our showcase.  Since then, the camp is growing at an amazing rate and ready to take on what’s coming and bring more GRRL POWER to the world.

What is Girls Rock?

Girls Rock St. Pete is a grassroots movement that uses music as a medium to promote self-confidence, creativity, and a strong sense of community among girls ages 8-17. 

The camp is led by an all-female-identifying staff who teach everything from music to social justice, body positivity to creative writing, self-defense to yoga, and so. much. more. 

Each summer, 40 local girls will form bands and write original songs. After just one week, they’ll perform their songs live on stage for hundreds of fans. 

Guitars, shredded. Faces, melted. Friends, forever. 

Girls Rock Camp is not just about the music. Campers and volunteers alike learn how to take up space, use their voices and be each other’s allies and advocates.