Our goal for this event is to present to you what Girls Rock Camp is and get as much involvement and support from our community that we are so enamored by.  This is a volunteer based movement and will take the support from our surroundings to make it a success.

GRC is a grassroots movement that is sweeping the world.  It is a movement to help young girls and women find their own voice, confidence, and sense of self.

Volunteers will use music as a medium to help teach girls and young women the necessary tools to promote self- confidence, creativity, and a sense of community.  The campers will be attending instrument lessons, self-defense workshops, zine workshops, art and creativity workshops, yoga and mental health exercises, and much more.  The campers will be led by an all female-identified staff in efforts to show them first hand that Girls Rock.  Volunteers and campers will maintain a safe space and promote healthy and supportive communications and interactions at all times.

Please don’t think that you have to have a musical background to be involved.  We will be needing band counselors, coaches, music instructors, work shop instructors, a camp nurse, and women that all around, kick butt.

The campers will be broken up in to groups where they will learn to work together to create an actual band.  Any style of music is welcome and promoted.  We are more focused on the Girls Rock! Part of the Girls Rock Camp, as opposed to “Rock N’Roll”.  The girls will be coming up with their own band name and constructing and writing an original song that will be played at a music venue, here in downtown St. Pete.